Papal approval of Saint Michael’s Chaplet

Pope Pius IX., Aug. 8 1851, granted to all those who shall say this chaplet:


1.) An indulgence of seven years and seven quarantines


2.) One hundred days indulgence, ever day by carrying this chaplet, or kissing the medal.


3.) A plenary indulgence, once a month, to those who shall say this chaplet, every day for a month, on usual conditions.


4.) A plenary indulgence on the conditions given above on the feast of the apparition of St. Michael, May 18th; the dedication of St. Michael, September 29; St. Gabriel the archangel, March 18; St. Raphael the archangel, October 24; Holy guardian angels, October 2nd.



To gain these indulgences, a chaplet must be used, consisting of the Our Father, nine times, with the Hail Mary three times after each Our Father, and the Our Father four times at the end, saying at the same time, in order, the corresponding salutations, with the anthem and prayer, at the end. These chaplets by order of His Holyness, Feb 4, 1877, must be blessed by a priest who has from the Holy See the general faculty of blessing beads, medals, etc.


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